Toddler 1-2

We have divided our 1-2 year olds into 3 different classrooms.

The first is the early 1 year old group (10 months-15 months) and the older group, toddlers (15 months-21 months) and prep toddler 22 months- 36 months)

Toddler Rooms

There is a range of developments that children of this age undergo including physical, social and emotional growth. While a well structured environment should be set there is also a need for understanding as they face many challenges between these ages. It is important that they have a good perception of themselves, and we encourage confidence as they grow and develop and “try on” things through these phases of development. We introduce into the daily curriculum age appropriate activities that include indoor and outdoor play and obstacle courses. While working to provide a structured centered approach and is consistent in daily routine. Our love for children shines with a glimmering smile every time she interacts with the kids. She has a range of skills after working her way to the top in other centers that allows for a broad perspective of how important early development enhances and impacts early childhood years in school. We provide a more routine environment and introduces a more structured curriculum. The changes that take place each month in a toddler are very important and set a foundation for their preschool years.


  • Fine and large motor skills are fostered through a variety of skills including finger painting, coloring, using blocks, outside play, music and movement exercises, etc.
  • Letters, numbers (1-10) and counting, shapes, and colors
  • Animals and their sounds
  • Body parts: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, toes, etc.
  • Potty training

Group of babies is playing on floor in nursery

kids group learning arts and crafts in day care