Pre-K Readiness

Large bright classroom, set up to maximize the skills emphasized in this room.

Teacher: Miss Niccole

Miss Niccole graduated with a degree in early childhood education. Her love for education and creativity shows in her consistent approach to creative learning. She focuses each morning on an active learning curriculum, which uses standard worksheets and activities in preparation for Pre-K. She is a very calm and nurturing individual who is patient and kind in her approach to learning. She continues to reward and reinforce good behavior so that each child views learning as fun and challenging. She has worked in early childhood education for 21 years and continues to work to keep updated education plans that prepare the children for the school age years. She is a mother of two lovely girls.

Focus: Kindergarten readiness

  • Recognizing and writing first and last name
  • Writing their first name without any prompts
  • Counting, recognizing, and writing numbers to 50
  • Make and follow various patterns
  • Write all letters in lower and upper case
  • Knows beginning sight words
  • Understands the calendar; date, day, month
  • Primary computer skills

pre-k student
preschool children raising hands