The classroom is a bright, colorful, open area for babies to grow and develop their gross motor skills.


  • Rotations through various areas in the room.
  • special mats for tummy time to foster neck and back strength and help develop the motor skills for rolling over and sitting up.
  • Time on their backs on the floor to foster hand eye coordination as they grab for toys on bars, they also work on rolling over from back to front, as well as having the freedom to move in any direction they want.
  • Time in the swing, bouncy chair and exersaucer all are fun areas to give the infants variety as well as still build gross and fine motor, social, emotional, cognitive and language skills.
  • Activities to develop skills for independence: sitting up, holding their own bottles, feed themselves, self soothe.
  • Activities to foster mobility; crawling, standing, walking.
  • Reading time to promote vocabulary and listening skills.

Overhead View Of Babies Having Fun At Nursery