Registration Form: The registration form is our lifeline to you and your child, including all contact and emergency information.

Field Trip Permission: Children who are 3 and potty trained go on field trips on occasion. This form is vital to your child being able to attend. All field trips are posted and parents are notified to ensure permission.

Photograph Release Form: A form stating if and where we can use pictures of your child. We do not and will not post any child’s pictures on Facebook, our website, or anywhere else.

Sunscreen Consent: During the spring and summer months we require that each child has sunscreen when going outside. This form authorizes us to put sunscreen on your child so they may play outside.

Family Information Update Sheet: Just a quick easy form for parents who have been in the center 3 months or more. We just want to ensure that the information we have is the most current.

Health and Medical Information

Financial Agreement

Emergency Contact

ICCP: We are proud to be a provider and affiliated with the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP). Please visit the Department of Health and Welfare website for more information:

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the application and we would be happy to fax in the information or provide assistance.

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