Our Curriculum

We are one location with two distinct physical sites, we are located in Suite A & D in the same building. This allows us to focus two separate aspects of children by age and developmental needs. Suite A is focused on infancy through the ages of 2 years. We use education as a hands on learning with our little ones. This allows this to focus on verbal, fine motor and gross motor development. Our daycare side allows the children to also develop according to their needs not just by an age determent. Suite D location allows us to get messy and dirty with preschool classrooms. We use a collaboration of various learning tools and styles so to fit the needs to today’s ever growing needs and stylistic learning. Our preschool classroom is suited to two groups 3/4 & 4/5. The children are ready and prepared for Kindergarten entrance. We like to make sure learning is fun and engaging. We use a lot of outside time as well so children are also learning through exploration in our park like setting playground that is 1 acre in size. Lots of fun and lots of messes that is how our kids learn and retain. Our children also engage in a special Spanish class each afternoon, where the focus is learning through engagement. Children also have the opportunity for daily extracurricular activities that include gymnastics, tumbling, dance, karate, and yoga.

Preschool teacher with children playing with colorful wooden didactic toys at kindergarten